General informations

PLACE OF APPOINTMENT In the Gorges of the Jonte, of the Tarn, or on the Causse following the sought-after objectives.

Multiple possible formulas: call us !
All is negotiable and adaptable to your personalized projects.
TIMETABLE (1/2 day) Appointment to 8h30. Departure to 8h45. Length of 3 to 4 h maxi.
Itinerary of average mountain. Difference in level # 500 metres.
WHEN? All year round and on appointment solely.
IMPORTANT ADVICES In summer, to foresee to the minimum a gourd of 1 per person liter, and to think about the prevention of sunburns and sunstrokes.

Some light shoes are sufficient (of tennis or type "Asolo Athena").
CONDITIONS If you are less 7 us endeavor if you want it to regroup you with other people, and otherwise we propose you the inclusive minimal ( > Tarif ).

Vautour moine